View from my window

  It is a lovely day in late September. The sun has lost it’s mid-day sting and the breeze blowing through my 7th floor apartment has a cool feel to it. In fact, I used the geyser for the first time this season. The promise of winter is in the air! And from my bedroom balcony I have a view of the part of Gurgaon where I live. Gurgaon seems to be a ‘work in progress’, that will never see an end, where dust hangs in the air and trees struggle to make a statement between all the concrete!

And then I tried to go back to the other views with which I have lived. Only to realize that I have never lived for any length of time in a house with a view. The hostel years moved me from the 3rd to 2nd to first floors as we gained in seniority – and the view was always the parking lot. We spent a year looking at the unkempt and shabby buildings of a Bombay (as it was then) Municipal Corporation housing estate from our windows. I also spent 2 years in a first floor apartment in the US, which looked out on the NIH campus buildings. Except for those few years, I have spent all my life in ground floor houses and of the ‘sarkari’ type. While these were in the well laid out Govt colonies of Delhi in my childhood, we also enjoyed the spacious campuses of PGI, Chandigarh and SGPGI, Lucknow. However, with inevitable ‘wire mesh’ to protect us from mosquitoes, where was the view from the window?
So, even though I often crib about Gurgaon and have made a slow adjustment to the high rise living style, I am feel happy for the view from this window – for some view is better than no view at all.



4 thoughts on “View from my window

  1. […] I have written about the various aspects of the recent move I made from Sector 50 to Sector 48, Gurgaon. Now that I am settling down in the new place, and trying to adjust to the new spaces, the irony of the situation is striking me!! I have moved a lot of homes in my life and except for brief spells, have always lived at ground level. […]

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