Good bye 2011, Welcome 2012

As another New Year comes around, it is that same feeling – “Oh, my Gosh, how fast the year has gone by”!! The feelings maybe the same, but the reasons have changed over time.

While the coming and going of the years probably did not even register in the first decade of life, life was carefree in the second. The desire to grow, reach teens and be allowed to stay up and listen to “Binaca hit parade” on the radio, finish school, go to college, become an adult, experience the first crush, made on long for the next year – with little angst for the one gone by!!

The third and fourth decades, were the period when so much needed to be done and got done each year that the time never seemed enough! It was the time for gathering knowledge and skills (and degrees), of marriage and parenting. Time never seemed enough to get everything done and the 365 days seemed to fly away. There was no time in the New Year to stop and reflect over the previous one and re-live the great moments – nor did you feel the need to, as the expectations from the new one were even greater than from the one gone by.

The fifth decade was the one where the year was too short for the opposite reasons. You planned to do and achieve so much – and often fell short! Each New Year was faced with a sense of resentment against the old, for having slipped by without your being able to do all that you had meant to.

By the sixth decade, equations with life have changed and you are left with one certainty- your past is longer than your future! You want to savor and make the most of every day. This is also the time when life starts to throw those special challenges, disappointments and losses, that make each year different – but the feeling of the rapid passing of time does not change! Maybe because, for more reasons than one, the thoughts of mortality crop up, unexpectedly and without warning! Maybe, because the year gone by had not given you time enough to make the greater physical and mental adjustments that this phase of life demands of you!!

And in the seventh decade, each healthy year that passes is a gift. If the burden of time does not hang on us and we can still feel “Oh, my Gosh, how fast the year has gone by”, there is much to be grateful for. And, no longer is there a need to feel regrets for lost opportunities or frustrations at the lack of some achievement or other. Everything now is a bonus!!! So I look back on the year gone by, re-living the high moments of travel, seeing new places, meeting old friends and making new ones and sharing the sorrow of lost friends (and there have been many) with their near and dear ones. Most of all I feel grateful for the wonderful moments I have been able to share with my family. And I look forward to the New Year having no regrets in saying “Oh, my Gosh, how fast the year has gone by”!!!

Happy, healthy 2012 to all of you


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