Wish list for 2012 (1/52)

When the end of the year comes around, there is always the same flurry of activity – “man/woman of the year” awards in oh-so-many categories and by every kind of organization, listings of the best (and of course, the worst) books, music, movies etc and commentaries on achievements and disappointments at every level – international, national, regional and personal. It has been heartening to see that with all the negatives around us, the overall tone of these activities have focused on the positives. And, as we venture into the new year this is my wish list (in no particular order!)

For the world:

Better leader ship!! Fewer dictators!

Hope that the ‘great powers’ will learn some lessons from the financial mess and miseries of the past 2 to 3 years and work towards a more equitable and less consumer centric world order.

A more real Republican opponent to Obama, than the lot in the present race for the nomination – since we will be forced to watch the spectacle of the American electoral process which will hog a lot of the media attention during 2012

For the country:

Even a greater need for better leadership!!

More responsible politicians.

That the nation learns to appreciate the gift of democracy and understand the need to be more participatory in the democratic process

This list can go on and on – but , there is little i can do to influence international or national events.  So this will remain a wish list. But, life is finally about me and those around and me and so

For myself:

That I am able to maintain my current physical activity levels

Continue to find opportunities for engagement in professional activities

Reverse my present reading habits of 75% fiction/25% non-fiction

Be able to do more for my family, especially my mother who is rapidly passing into the ‘frail phase’ of her life, when she should not have to live alone.

This one is short – and all i can say is best of luck to myself.

2 thoughts on “Wish list for 2012 (1/52)

  1. Hi Madam

    Happy New Year!

    I read your blogs and would like you to check out missrepresentation.org that has a lot of relevance to your blog context. I am happy that am able to connect with you and saw your picture as well after a long time on Facebook when was trying to connect with Punita!

    Please reply to my e-mail.



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