The blooming fields of Lisse! (14/52)

My brother has been living in Holland since 1975 and as he is married into a staunch Catholic family, he is as Dutch as you can get! My first visit here was in the summer of 1978 and since then i have made innumerable trips – but almost always in June and July – and once or twice in the later part of the year. Surprisingly, although the tulip season is the high point for visitors, my trips were never in the spring. They were usually at the end of some conference trip or official visit and hence the timing was not of my choice.

In 2008, my nephew got married on the 29th of March and it was then that i made my first visit to Kuekenhof. The open buds were not in bloom, and the glass houses had their early blooms. Last year, i visited  in mid-april, but the weather was not kind enough! Although, the beds at Kuekenhof were partially in bloom, the fields around Lisse were mostly waiting for the blooming. Finally, on this trip i have gotten lucky. Although the temperatures are lower than what i remember from last year, the fields are all in bloom! And what a site it is.

The wonderful manicured gardens of Kuekenhof are unparalleled and if one has technical interest in the names and the varieties, it is the place to go. But, they cannot make you pause and gaze open mouthed as the open fields of the most incredible colors of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths etc can.


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