I have lost the view from my window! (29/52)

I have written about the various aspects of the recent move I made from Sector 50 to Sector 48, Gurgaon. Now that I am settling down in the new place, and trying to adjust to the new spaces, the irony of the situation is striking me!! I have moved a lot of homes in my life and except for brief spells, have always lived at ground level.

The initial adjustment to living on the 7th floor, when I  moved to Gurgaon from Lucknow 3 years ago, was traumatic. And I never did learn to lose the sense of panic when the electricity failed and the lift stopped, even though I knew that I was paying for the 100% power back up!! But I did adjust and get accustomed to the advantages – good lighting and ventilation at all times of the day, away from the street noises etc… But, what I enjoyed the most, was the location of my bed next to the door leading onto the balcony. There was light, air and a view – a wonderful locale to relax and read! The luxury of the Sunday morning papers with a cup of tea…….

But destiny has its own agenda and circumstances have moved me to this new flat – larger, next door to Mukta and family, airy and comfortable.  But life is a bit if a merry-go-round as I am once again on the  ground floor, (of course, no lift to tackle) and my bed looks at a wall; the windows of my bedroom have no view and i do miss that view from the window which I have lost!

The view from my bed in the new house
The view I had from my 7th floor bed


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