Smart young Amit! (31/52)

Today was ‘court’ day. I had to get a document notarised on Rs 10 stamp paper and so off to the local district court I went. It is located hardly 3-4 Km down Sohan Road – but I started from home at around 11.30 in the morning. It was a bad time – it took us 40′ to cross under the flyover, at Rajiv Gandhi Chowk to reach the other side of Gurgaon. My memories of the trips for such activities in Lucknow, was of large numbers of the “Notary” folks clustered haphazardly on rickety tables and chairs in make shift constructions along with the paraphanelia of typists, potocopiers et al.

So, when I entered the court premise and saw the temporary structure with corrugated roofing and the ‘rickety’ tables and plastic chairs….it all looked very familiar. There was even an old typewriter. I tentatively approached one of the “Notary”s and stated my requirement. I was immediately handed over to a young man who took me to the back of this shed. And hey presto, things have changed – there were computers and laptops and printers. On looking at the document, which was fairly lengthy, the young man said it would take some time and suggested that I could get it typed myself. When I pointed out that i may not be able to place the print correctly on the stamp paper, he suggested that I should email the draft to him – and he handed me a visiting card.

So, I came home typed it out and emailed it to Mr Amit. Of course, I also took the draft on a pen drive, in case I could not locate Mr Amit. Then after lunch I made the trek back to the courts (It took all of 1o’ to do the same distance) and as soon as I entered, Mr Amit spotted me. We went inside, he opened his email account, retrieved the document. He speed read it through and corrected a few mistakes in spelling etc, formatted it and had it printed out in 5′ flat! A real computer savvy guy, he was so efficient and I was really impressed. He has been doing this job for over a year and is a graduate form a local college. His ‘Sir’ signed at the appropriate places and I paid Rs 40 to the Notary and Rs 30 to Mr Amit – Rs 10 per page being his rate. The whole process was efficient and hassle free, and I was impressed with Mr Amit’s efficiency. Meeting efficient and pleasant service providers makes my day – they are few are far between!


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