And that was the year that was……travels, fitness, moving house and so much more!

The year is drawing to a close…… a little over 72hrs left! And I I am leaving early morning for one of my favorite destinations, Kumaon (with the family, without the laptop) . Having just about made my blog a week commitment, I thought an extra would be the icing on the cake! A brief recap of the year gone by …..

1. I moved house. It was something we had vaguely discussed, but it happened suddenly and faster than planned…. everything went smoothly and i settled into a flat next door to my daughter’s. It has been great, with the kids going in and out, fresh food and left overs going back and forth, sharing the cars and drivers etc..

2. Made 2 trips to Amsterdam. My brother, Gopal can no longer be on his own and so, I went to stay with him in April, while my sister-in-law took a well deserved brake. In November, I attended the wedding of my niece and then Gopal came back with me to Delhi. He spent 4 weeks with us here, and while it was not easy, he enjoyed every minute (literally, each minute) and his joy was reward enough for our efforts.

3. Did the KMY: The high point of the year was the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra (KMY) – something I had wanted to do fro many years and 2012 was the year for it to happen! It was tough, and tested every fibre in the body. But, it was 28 days away from everything (literally), thro the most amazingscenaries with the most wonderful feeling of achievement at the end of it all! It was a great way to spend my 65th birthday.

4. Better fitness: Never did figure out what size “zero” is – but I think everyone has to set his or her own size zero! Have never been a thin person, have yo-yoed in weight, always far from the ‘ideal’ range for my height! But, as I was turning 65 this year, at the beginning of the year, I had mentally thought that I should try to get to 65Kg by my birthday in August. THis was long before KMY was in the scene – but it so turned out that I did 3 months of serious gymming before the yatra and  I am pretty sure that if not on the 6th, I was definitely close to the target when i got home in late August. But, I am fitter now than I have in been for many years and have been maintaining the fitmess without too much effort.

5. Read some great books: Not as many as i would have liked to – and I will write of these later.

As the year winds down, I am hoping that 2013 will bring in unexpected and exciting things. I hope to improve on  my fitness (need a target to work towards, not sure what), blog more on the ‘medicalpointofview’, fit in some travel and read a lot more….Here is wishing all of you a wonderful 2013.


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