Blog 100 – Goodbye 2013, welcome 2014!

Things don’t happen the way that you plan and I guess that adds to the fun in life.  In the year end blog last year I wrote “I am hoping that 2013 will bring in unexpected and exciting things. I hope to improve on  my fitness (need a target to work towards, not sure what), blog more on the ‘medicalpointofview’, fit in some travel and read a lot more.” So, did it work out that way?

Unexpected and exciting –  am not really sure what I was expecting, when I wrote that one!! Come on – I am a retired, medical professional living a restricted life in one of the duller corners of the NCR – namely Gurgaon. And yes, nothing unexpected happened. But then, there is some virtue in that itself! Because the unexpected is also not always good. That we have all been mostly well and healthy through the year is exciting enough. Gopal’s downhill slide continued – but, he still recognizes close family is a bonus.

Fitness – well that is one area in which I have done well. I am as fit as I was 365 days ago – and I continue to walk 4-5 KM a day on most days of the week. Of course, the disappointment was that the weather Gods intervened and I could not do the ‘Valley of flowers” in August as I had planned.

Blogging – has been sporadic and random. Have not been able to develop a subject specific blog – but am not giving up. In any case this is a century of blogs and I suppose that is an achievement.

Travel – have moved a lot of miles – but not for any leisure travel. I have been able to include some leisure during business travel to Bhopal, BarodaKochi and two trips to Holland which were mostly family visits. As I wrote earlier, I am at a particular stage when leisure travel will have to take the back seat.

Read more – that is one that has worked well. Read more and more widely this year than in previous years.

So, what has 2014 have in store? Past the days of making resolutions, I look forward to the year ahead – with hope and expectations of things going well for all those around me – loved ones, friends and fellow countrymen.


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