On the blogging experience

My daughter Mukta is a successful blogger and in today’s blog she has tried to analyze her experience. I too have been thinking about my experience  as I crossed my 100th post on this blog on the 31st of December. Then I realized that this was only under ‘sitanaiksblog’ and there were also 8 posts in the ‘medicalpointofview’ and 13 in ‘on books and reading’ – and having multiple blog addresses for separate topics has not really helped in any way.

So, why am I blogging? I don’t need to collect a following to advance a business, nor am I an extrovert personality who seeking a fan club. I used to keep dairy with sporadic entries now and then —– events, general thoughts and so on. But these started well each year and petered out as the year progressed.  I even transferred from paper to the computer – but it did not improve frequency of entries. And in recent times, the memory is definitely failing – and find myself struggling to remember even recent events.

And then, when I started reading  blogs, both specialty and general, I felt that this maybe a good medium to record events. In addition, it would also provide a means to express my views on many issues – past and contemporary. Of course, who will read it? I don’t think I am really worried about that – but then slowly appreciation from friends and others started to trickle in. And like most people,  I too found that a fan club, however small, does do something for one’s ego.

So, I blog sporadically on a variety of topics – current events, my travels, personal experiences, books that I read, other activities. And since I enjoy writing, I will continue to blog but only with this single handle. I do hope that you will continue to enjoy my musings…. they will at some future date,  be the diary through which I will relive my life.


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