Yoga or morning walk?

I have been a morning walk person for the last many years – there are many posts on my experiences in different locales. And, of course when I am home it is part of the routine. In the summer months it took a back seat to swimming, and at 7 am I was often the only one in the pool for most of the summer. Nothing can beat that ‘Aaaah’ moment, when you slide into the cool, water on a hot summer morning.

When the pool is open, the walk happens in the evening. I am grateful to be living in a complex which is large enough to provide a kilometer long peripheral road. The protected locale  limits the vehicular traffic and provides safe surroundings for a walk at any time of the day.

However, this also has its down side – its a bit of a ’round and round the same mulberry bush’ – in other words it can become boring. But venturing out of the complex is not an option, as we are on a 6 lane State Highway, with traffic as early as 6 in the morning. Also the pavements are at least a foot high and there is absolutely no tree cover. Of course, in spite of all this I do venture out on longer routes on some Sunday morning – I keep telling myself that I probably should take the car out and try the local parks. In any case, a morning adrenaline rush goes to make my day – the odd days that I skip this in the morning keeps me dull the rest of the day.

Recently, a third option opened, a yoga instructor within the complex!! A few years ago, I had a very satisfying experience with a yoga instructor and since then was on the look out for a one. Yoga sessions started inside the complex club house, but for some reason I kept away from it for a long time. Of course when the pool was open, I did  not want to miss the morning swim,  and finally  I joined an evening yoga class a few months ago. The 5.30 pm timing became difficult to fit in,  for a variety of reasons – and I decided to sacrifice the swim for 3 days and joined the 6.30 am group. And so far, it has been a wonderful replacement to the walk, on 3 mornings of the week.  The classes are on the club lawns, (with a bonus of occasional birds chirps) and there are only 3-4 others senior people in the group,  which allows the instructor to take us through an easier pace than that demanded by younger people (maybe different focus). The instructor is himself a gentle young man of quite  impressive capabilities. And over the last few weeks I can feel the stiff muscles around the lower back yielding to the nudges – and  while I may not get to do the halasana and the like, that’s OK, I dont plan to be a Yoga Instructor!!

So an adrenaline high is on the daily routine, but the options are widening and with winter approaching, Raahgiri will also get added, I hope!


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