In and around Panaji

Panaji is a small town of little over 100,000 people – capital of Goa which itself has only 1.4 million people. But even this is far more than the Panaji I saw on my first visit in 1973. It was a quiet, laid back town with traditional shops along covered walk ways, where people walked or took the bicycle and an occasional batkar (landed gentry) was fortunate enough to own a car. Today, the town is bustling with traffic, with cars and 2 wheelers jostling for space. Parking has become impossible and most streets have been made one-way. Large number of the modern shops have replaced the old ones, with the walk ways replaced by tiles frontages – each shop having a different design and elevation. Walking is no longer a pleasure, unlike in the past. But it continues to have an unique charm – a blend of the traditional and modern. Here are a few snaps I captured this morning.


One of the old laundries – nothing seems to have changed except that electricity has replaced coal/steam in the ironing!
One of the original buildings – still advertising Waterbury’s compound. Waterbury’s used to be the magic cure for all ailments of babies in some distant time!






The covered walk way – which made the strolling and window shopping a pleasure
An old cloth store – note the teak almirahs for display



The Panaji cathedral – central point of the city










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