sitanaiksblog post No 150

This is the 50th post in the eleven moths of this year – as against the period from August 2011, when I uploaded my first post to my 100th on the 4th of this year!! I have been posting at random frequency and on random topics. For a year I did commit to a post a week – and did keep the commitment, and the subjects continued to be random random. Since I gathered that subject specific blogs gathered a better following, I created two additional  blogs – medicalpointofview and On books and reading. The following did not increase significantly and it became a bother to manage the three separate blogs. So, I recorded my frustrations and decided to go back to a single blog and recorded my experiences the beginning of this year.

The higher frequency of the posts this year has increased the viewings.  Also I have finally got around to going through the WordPress tutorials and tried to improve the look of my page. A lot more needs to be done – and I have not learnt to do the detailed analysis of the followers. I gather that a subject specific post at a defined time, would in due course gather a following. Over these many months I can see that my travel posts attract the greatest hits. But, travel only happens when it happens –  since I am not a professional travel writer. My second passion is reading – and so I have decided to discuss my week in reading – review the books I am reading with a commentary on the related issues. A weekly post will be uploaded every week o=end – I do hope that other readers will find these interesting and add their comments.


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