Here and there in Kancheevaram

Before I write about the temples of the ‘town of 1000 temples’, Kancheevaram, let me give you a  few glimpse from around the town, as I saw them this morning. My brother and I started out at 7am to do the 80 Km, and stopped at a wayside place for breakfast.

The mini-tiffin thali

And you can get this kind of a meal with a cup of hot filter coffee for Rs 100 (< $2) only in South India.  We made it to the first temple around 10 Am and we had 4 on our agenda – all to be done by 12.30, when the temple doors are shut. Our first stop was the Ekambareswarar, and like all temples in the South, there are always various family functions going on – weddings, annaprasam, Nicchiyadharatham (engagement)and so on.. And today we were privileged to see a sashtiabthapoorthi (celebration of the 60th birthday, more likely of the gentleman) – with the music and the women in all their finery.

The birthday couple
The nadaswaram ( a wind instrument)
The drums

And of course, while temples are places of worship for all people, it serves other purposes too.

At the feet of the Gods

And as we walked out of this complex, there was an animated group of Gujarati Bens, enjoying a rest on the cool stone floor of the complex.

P1000069Every temple has its share of flower sellers – and in South India, the flowers are for the Gods as well as the devotees.

Tulsi malas outside the Perumal temple – could not resist the lovely greens!! She has been doing this for 40 years at the same site
A good season for flowers

And finally at the Kailasanathan temple, a delightful grandfather – grandson duo (yes, a boy!) from a street near the temple were enjoying the peace, quiet and coolness of the temple!!



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