Zombies Return

Udai’s blog on his own show


What we do at our annual day is that each class presents a show. The name of the day is Hamara Manch. We decided to do a band.

The video and lyrics of our song are down below.

Band: Night Vortex

Members: (From left to right) Arnav, Samarth, Nakul, Udai, Sohum, Udaivir, Vihaan.

Song: Zombies Return

In the night,                                                     [chorus]

under the grave,

there was a person neither dead nor alive,

yet he comes,

up from the grave,

he wants a brain but he never gets it.

Zombies coming everywhere,

nowhere to hide,

you’ll be seen,                           [V1]

I advise you to flee,

get out of sight,

beware the graveyard they’ll attack.

DR. Brains is…

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