From a child’s perspective!

In 2007, a few weeks after Udai turned 3, we had a get together at Bangalore of family and friends. It was a special one, as it was re-union with a childhood gang some of whom we had not met for almost 5 decades. So there were a lot of nostalgia and back slapping, and excited catching up …… and what was Udai, the only child, to do? He asked me for his camera and here is his view of this adult party

07_10_Blore_Hampi 016
The setting
07_10_Blore_Hampi 018
The Uncles – that’s me in the black saree








07_10_Blore_Hampi 027
eats and drinks
07_10_Blore_Hampi 022
More Uncles and Aunties


In 2011 October, when we made a short trip to Bharatpur, Aadyaa was a few months older than Udai when he participated in the party above. She was enthusiastic about the rikshaw ride through the park and the bird sightings, but there is a limit to how long all this could hold a 3 year old’s interest. And so once again, Naani’s camera was appropriated (by this time Udai at 7 could click pictures) and here are some of the efforts.











The road ahead


And Mama

We are culturally oriented to children and they are part of all our activities.  They are at resturants, marriages, parties, movies etc. and we are no where near the sanitized, formal Western culture. thank God.  Grandparents and other family members often do play the ‘baby sitter role’. However, our informality is often carried to excess (recently saw  kids in Haider, one bawling thro’ the gruesome last scene) and there is lack of sensitivity to their point of view. So, this is only to high light that view!!

PS. This post was inspired by two posts about these same kids when they were 4 and  8.







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