The week in reading 9/15

Well I picked ‘THe English Journey’  up because it was JB Priestly and it was a travelogue about England – but was disappointed. Of course, I that it was written in 1934, and it was always referred to as one of his great works. So, I had expected to gather a better idea of the times – society and cultural mores of that time. But this was missing. The travels were random and there were detailed descriptions of random interactions with people that Priestly encountered, both ordinary and otherwise. Through these, he attempts to convey the state of England – but the characters were not particularly attractive and the recounting failed to evoke any images in my mind. I must confess that a great name in English writing, I have not read JB Priestly’s works – as in many cases, this maybe a reflection of my father’s prejudices. I don’t remember any of his books on our shelves. And although, this book did not excite me, I will get to reading one of his novels.


This is the other book I’m reading,   a well reviewed ‘Sherlock Holmes’ story without Holmes. The fat that it has not been un-put-downable, is a give away that it is not racy and suspenseful as the original Conan Doyle books. Or maybe is is because, I read those at a much earlier time and the suspense/crime detection genre is not currently among my favorites. In any case, I will let you know how it turns out in the next week.


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