The week in reading 10/15

I got to finish the Horowitz novel ‘Moriarty’ – and my feeling at then end of it, was that I should re-read the original ‘Sherlock Holmes’ stories. While this book did give the right atmosphere and a ‘holmes’y feel, it was not Holmes. And the mystery was not so mysterious!! So, although it has been widely acclaimed, I did not rate it very high.

Toni Morrison on the other hand, was completely enjoyable.  A short novella set in the 1680s, it had  all the ingredients of a Morrison story.  Slave trade, elements of mysticism, the complex relationships between the ‘free’, the ‘bonded’ and various shades in between. There was also running through this tale,  sad echoes of motherhood and the love of mothers for their daughters – for it is only they, who can envisage what lies in store for them in life. This was particularly relevant in the context of the conversations this week on the ‘BBC documentary’ on the Nirbhaya case, misogyny in general, the role of mother, father in educating their children….. and the mother who came through with such dignity in the film.


One thought on “The week in reading 10/15

  1. I heard this was great from some friends. Definitely going to look into it now. Thanks for sharing! If you’re ever interested in some other great book reviews and musings, be sure to follow! Thanks!!!

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