A bad week in reading 17/15

Big Little LiesThis was a bad week – I could not go very far with the Big Little Lies. I gave up trying, something that very rarely happens to me. It is a chatty book about Australian suburbia and parental politics – may have led up to some excitement at some point. But it was not possible to reach that point…..

And for the rest of the week, I made a determined effort to finish Farooqi’s “Mirror of beauty” – and as I discussed last week, mourning through out at the English translation. I am not questioning the quality of the translation – but the tenor of Urdu poetry and the double entendre in the conversation is beyond translation!! The long prose, describing the clothes and the houses etc. were also tedious at times – however, I persisted as the protagonist is an interesting character, a woman beyond her times. I am almost at the end now, and will persist in order to know her ultimate fate! It is also set in an interesting time and gives a glimpse of Delhi in the waning years of the Mughal rule.

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