The week in reading (22/15) – and the library project is progressing

9541988-largeI don’t follow publisher’s announcements, or wait anxiously for a particular book to be published. But, I happened to com across an announcement of the impending Ishiguro book, earlier this year. With the kind of reputation that he has garnered,and a long 10 year gap,  this was an event that many would have awaited. I too looked forward to the book since I had enjoyed ‘The remains of the day’, ‘When we were orphans’ and ‘Never let me go’,  all different, but beautiful books. But what a let down this book has been – the usual fluid prose, the calmness of the milieu that he generates, the gentle pace are all there. But the 6th-7the post-King Arthur time period, ogres, elves and dragons, and strange tales of the supernatural did not quiet make a great tale. I kept reading hoping that the in the end some great secret would be relieved, but was only relieved to finish off the book.

The other books I’m reading are “The enigma of arrival’ by V S Naipaul and  ‘An Americab Tragedy’ by Theodore Dreisser (part of the TIme 100 books project) on the Kindle.

The library project is making slow and sure progress – have logged  books in, so far – all British writers, mostly fiction and biography – a few are mine, rest from my father. And I was thrilled to see this copy of one of my all time favorites – Daphne du Murier’s  ‘Rebecca’  the one I read the first time.


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