Summer in Haarlem

I have visited Holland many, many times over the decades, since my brother had settled here. After the early visits, it was always to Haarlem, where the family had settled. In the last few years, since my retirement, my visits have mostly been in April or November, for a variety of seasons. April is the time of the tulips, although one year I was here the spring was already over in mid-April and the other, it was late. That is how much the weather swings are of late… But, I ma here this time in July, and it is lovely to see summertime here.

River Spaarne in November – runs behind the house
And yesterday

The weather has been great, raining for the first time in a week. And the rowing club,  which lies dormant with only  the occasional brave ones venturing onto the water, at other times of the year, is full of life; with rowers of all ages, boats of all sizes.

I’m always amazed at the level of activity by the seniors in this society

The gardens are a bloom with the summer flowers and city centers and parks are green and flowering – whole families are out on cycles, parks are full of picnickers…. in fact, the last few days were so warm, that for the first time, I saw people swimming in the canals and picknicking along the canals.



And being a fruit lover, am having the time of my life with fresh strawberrie, blueberries and rasberries for breakfast and after dinner, nectarines and cherries for between meal snacks…. and the long evenings, with wine and wimbledon matches to watch. Lovely days…..

Rasberries from the garden

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