A wonderful morning stroll

The word ‘idyllic’ comes to mind in this place, out in the country in W Yorkshire. I am spending a few days with an old friend – her house is a converted old barn and she is sorrounded by fields, a few houses which are again old farms that have been converted and re/furnished. It is quiet and the noises are of the cows, sheep and the occasional vehicle of the few neighbours. 

 This morning I walked through the small gate, along a grassy lane and down to the meadows to watch a local gentleman exercising his Labradors. And 10′ of walking down through this serene, quiet route with the sound of the stream and the wild flowers, and over the stiles , took me to the edge of a group of houses.  In the the distance I could see see the trains,  and the town of Keighly. 

The area is full of walking trails, neatly labelled as ‘Footpath’ and signs warning of dire consequences if you let your dogs poop in the field!! 

And there is a farm just next door – the farmer was busy rolling up the cut hay and packing it into rolls with a huge machine – a process I found fascinating. 

It’s all so close to the bustle of life and yet so quiet and peaceful – a perfect spot for a few days of relaxation.

The house


view from the house


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