Walking in the English Midlands

the field behind the house

View of the house

 Most people know by now that I enjoy leisure walking. One of my biggest grouses against Gurgaon, where I live, is how walking un-friendly it is. And so, the short break in W Yorkshire has been a wonderful interlude, in otherwise troubled times.

The place I’m staying is a converted barn, close to the road, but among fields and farms. So, my walks around here have been relaxed, taking me among  the  horses and cowsheds, playful dogs and farm machinery at work. But, the dales are undulating and so, the view only stretches till the next hill – giving you a sense of disorientation. It’s easy to lose sense of direction – which I did yesterday !!! I reached a cross-road, which we had crossed many a time by car, and took a wrong turn. I must have walked a couple of kilo meters, before I realized the mistake and trtraced my steps.

And then we have done some more formal walks, with picnic lunch. One day it was along the River Wharfe, from Burnsall to Grassington – a distance of about 8-9 Km. The day was perfect, a cool 20 degrees, the sun out, clear flowing water ……. The greens of the Summer grass under the Northern sun, is in itself so alien and soothing to our eyes, used as we are the harsher brightness of the tropics.


the bridge at Grassmere
The quiet waters of the River Wharfe
 And the next day it was along Lake Ambleside, one of the smaller Lakes of famous Lake District. This was another lovely day, and the drive from here to Windemere was almost perfect. The countryside is so beautiful, frozen as in a Turner painting. And the Lakes are lovely – we walked along Windemere and Ambleside, drove around Grassmere and Wordsworth’s cottage. 


2 thoughts on “Walking in the English Midlands

  1. So very lovely- the pictures, the description, and the whole charming set up they evoke. I can just imagine the wonderful time you are having. Midlands is my favorite part of England. Spent a few days there, and keep dreaming of going back for a looong stay again.

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