The week in reading 29/15


‘The sense of an ending’ has been my favorite Booker winner over the last 10 years – emotions that you can touch and characters that grow and stay with you, that is Julain Barne’s command of the language. Although not in the same class, his “Arthur and George” in which he climbs into the head of Arthur Conan Doyle was also innovative in style and telling. Flaubert’s parrot is an older book about an English doctor who is devoted to the nineteenth French writer Gustav Flaubert. It is an ingenious tale, with a tale within a tale – the life of Flaubert and that of the protagonist which is revealed oh so subtly!! Few writers, give us such clear and lucid language without any pretensions and convey such depth of thoughts. I shall look out for his other books


Given as a gift from one reader to another, I started this book by Harold Bloom with enthusiasm. A learned and well read man, these are a collection of essays on the great short story writers, poets and novelists and their best works – with Shakespeare as the final reference point for all writing. I have only 2-3 of the short story writers and not necessarily the story Bloom refers to. While I had  read most of the novelists he discusses, either I had not read the particular book he was writing about, or had read it so long ago that I could not recall a lot. And although I read Shakespeare 5 decades ago, there is little I can recall of the actual text. So, it was not easy to relate to the book. But I am a serious reader, and will take the recommendations for future readings.


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