A change of stride

As  the last month of the year rolls in, I suddenly sit up and feel ‘Oh my Gosh, how did that happen?” I   try to recall what has happened, what has been achieved  in the months that have flown by – and I find that a lot of it is already hazy….. is it that nothing of significance happened? or that, nearing the end of my seventh decade, the grey cells have started failing! Fortunately, I have stopped making the ‘resolutions’ and setting targets, which are what one gets worked up about at this time of year.  The only vague target I had was a book a week, which I crossed many weeks ago. On that, I will pen my usual end of the year review.

But as I looked back on the year, one of the striking things was the fall off in the frequency of blogs – 14 in 2011 (I started mid-year), 57 in 12, 49 in 13, 66 in 14 and 76 last year, when I tried to do a blog a eek on the books I had read – as against 26 this year. Blogging started for me, mostly as a diary substitute to record events and happenings, as I found that recall of recent events was failing. Gathering a fan following or making social change was not part if the intent. But, over these years, i have gathered some followers and I have found that travel and food generate the greatest interest! So, why this poor activity level this year, I ask myself!

Well, it has been a year in which while a lot has happened, nothing much has happened ! The ‘lot’ has been mostly in my mother’s increasing age related issues, leading to less travel on my part. Also I have developed, these last few months, some minor but irritating chronic health issues that has put me on regular medication for the first time in my life. And while for some weeks I was not aware how it had affected me, I finally came to  terms with the changed situation when one of my  friend/physician told me that I had been arrogant about my ‘good’ health’ and ‘not taking any pills’ status in the past!! I do thank him for the observation, as it finally made me acknowledge that just as my  mother is coping with the march of time, it has to touch all of us!

Has all this affected the blogging? Of course, because as a catalog of activities, there has not been much . Having said that I have not even totally recorded that great trip to Europe that I had in the summer!! So, as the year draws to a close, some catching up, some re-thinking and introspection seems to be in order.

And there is a change of pace and stride –  I have dissociated from all the loose professional associations I had, thus cutting off  the ‘couple of times’ a week commute to Delhi. While, I had switched off from the nightly cacophony on television News channels earlier this year, as of this month I have cut the morning papers from 3 to 1! That is a major step for a chain-morning-paper-and-chai person – but then I gave up the morning chai more than a year ago!  Finally, my driver left and since Gurgaon traffic has put me off driving, I am in the process of re-configuring my life without car/driver hanging around. But since contracting our individual foot prints, by each one of us, is the only way we are going to have a sustainable future for the coming generations, I think its time that I did my bit. The challenge will be to balance various elements, in a manner that the days continue to be engaging without frustrations and unsustainable stress!! And find an interesting and engaging activity, closer to home. In the meanwhile, I plan to enjoy the next few weeks of winter, since it is the only time that one can walk, for pure pleasure (in spite of the lousy air quality). ISo watch this space…it will be part of my future blogs (which will also be more frequent).



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